Thursday, July 20, 2017



Thursday, everyone loaded up into a hired car and drove an hour to Pingyao, an ancient city with 30 foot walls still intact. It's on the world heritage list, which is a thing I didn't even know existed.

Mom emailed what their day was like:
It was smoking hot so we walked with umbrellas to provide shade like the Chinese do.  

We ditched our umbrellas after a few minutes.  It was hard to enjoy the sights for worrying about poking people in the face. 

The stalls were attractive, some with adorable items for sale. There were several vinegar shops since this region is known for its vinegar. There are beautiful urns to store the vinegar too.  And vinegar running in fountains like chocolate runs at wedding receptions.

We ate at a small restaurant. This was an old home with a courtyard turned into a hotel and restaurant. The noodles and dumplings were homemade. The best we have had. A family style meal for 7 (we invited our driver) was $30.  

Our driver Mr. Wu does not speak English. But he came prepared with a phone app to translate back and forth. It was an adventure.

The purchase of a stroller was a back saver. Samuel likes to be carried.  He has some difficulty remaining upright, especially if he has a backpack on. Isaac, of course, loves to push the stroller. The boys are adorable together. 

Brothers! in the car on the way there
exploring Pingyao
part of the huge wall
So it sounds like the excursion was much, much better than being cooped up in the hotel. However, when I downloaded the photos they took, the highlight of the day for me was "watching" them put together this new stroller. Behold:

They did finally get it put together.

still in the hotel lobby 
in Pingyao
Also of note, months ago, Mick and Allie were told that Samuel really likes fish burgers. They determined they would find out what that was and buy one for Samuel while they were in China. And they did!
He looks dubious. The look on his face had me nervous, but Allie said he was just tired and hungry in the picture. (Also, looking at the clothes, it appears this picture was taken Wednesday. It is REALLY hard to keep the days straight!)

Friday, they pack up and fly to Guangzhou for the American side of paperwork. The Chinese paperwork will be finished before their flight. It doesn't sound like there's much left for them, other than American paperwork, a medical exam, and a few other small things, but I'll update the blog when I hear anything.

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