Monday, July 17, 2017

Meeting Samuel

(Katie again, again)

I wonder at the beautiful heartbreak of adoption. How can this precious boy have waited 5 1/2 years to meet his family? How can this family have waited 5 1/2 years to meet their son? How can you walk into a strange, crowded, and hot room and introduce yourself to your own child, who is already walking and talking and has memories and a mind of his own? How can this boy leave everything he's known, including a loving foster home, and walk into the arms of two strangers and still call them Mama and Baba?

That's the heartbreak. Now for the beauty. Look at his face. Look at his smile.

Look at his parents' faces.
Look at the proud big brother.

I have some stories to share about meeting Samuel, and who he is showing himself to be, and how Isaac is as a brother, but I'll do that in a later post. These photos, these moments, deserve their own space and time, and for now, it's enough that Samuel is home.


  1. SO HAPPY for you guys, this brings happy tears to my eyes :) <3

  2. Tears! So happy you are all together! Praying for this tender, brave soul to trust and feel God's love and protection through you. Praying for the four of you to bond easily. Love to you all!

  3. So happy you chose to share this precious moment.