Sunday, July 23, 2017

Over the Weekend


There isn't a whole lot to update on.

Dad says it's really hot there-- his exact words are "it feels like one is stuck inside a dishwasher set on the pot scrubber cycle." LOL. And apparently, there is no cold water to be had, either. Again, Dad: "When Isaac gets his glass of water at the restaurant and touches it, he whips his head around to the closest adult with a look of incredulity on his face.  'This is hot!! What am I supposed to do with this? I can't be expected to drink this!'  Unspoken is the follow-up message that you can read on his face:  'Who are these people and why is everything so HOT?' Isaac now refuses to do any activity that involves being outside.  He has truly become an air - conditioned American."

Allie has a little update too: "It seems the bloom is off the rose about having a brother. Ha ha. Isaac and Samuel still really enjoy each other though, and Isaac always wants to sit next to him. Samuel loves Isaac's Leap Frog and watching Super Why! over and over. He can actually almost sing the song now. It's so cute! He's still a big mimic, and he now calls pizza, pizza. He says 'hey buddy' all the time. He may be speaking English by the time we get home the way he's seeming to pick it up so fast."

Friday is the day they all flew to Guangzhou. Allie said Samuel was so excited to get on an airplane and had been talking about it all week. (I'm not sure how he knew he was going to ride on an airplane, or how he talked about it.) Samuel squealed when they started going fast and then took off. She said it was fun to watch him!

They got to their new hotel late, so they all just went straight to bed. Allie said their hotel room is larger there, and that they're grateful for it since they'll be there a week.

First thing Saturday morning, Mick and Allie took Samuel with the other Holt families to the medical check up. This is for American immigration. They checked his ears, nose and throat; eyesight; height and weight; and did a full body check. Samuel had to have an extra eye test because it turns out he can't see! Allie doesn't know what his prescription will be, but he definitely needs glasses. Allie said: "I'll be so glad to get him fixed up when we get home. How delighted he will be! He probably doesn't know he can't see." And I, for one, can't wait to see him in glasses!

All done with the check-up!
After the checkup, they went back to the hotel for lunch. They ordered pizza in their hotel room since Samuel has been asking for it all week. He was really excited for it!

I have no idea what they did on Sunday during the day, but I know the evening was taken up by an event with the whole Holt group: they all went out for a Cantonese dinner. 

I really don't think there will be a  lot happening this week, but I will keep updating the blog as I receive updates from them!


  1. Thanks for the updates. I read them thoroughly. I am praying for continued good karma throughout this trip.

  2. Oh my word, Samuel in glasses will be just adorable. Loving these updates! I can't wait until they are back in the US!