Friday, December 27, 2013


Hey, there. It's Katie one more time. :) Allie is fast asleep by now and didn't have time to blog today but wanted me to update those following along on their journey.

Isaac did great on the flights. He had slept a total of three hours over the last 24, but you would never, ever know it. That kid has more energy than anyone I've ever met!

They arrived in St Louis around 1:30, and there were more than twenty people to welcome them home! Allie really, really appreciated that. She felt very loved and supported.

Isaac's best friend was there, too! He is in a wonderful family now; it was an honor to meet them. Luke is a sweet kid, not to mention adorable!!! Mick and Allie actually "met" Isaac through Luke and his family, so we thank God for their connection!

I am assuming this is Dena's picture since I stole it from her Facebook? Anyway, there is Joshua on the far left, Isaac next to him, sweetie Luke, and then Andrew. Coralie's head is in the bottom of the pic. :)
After retrieving their bags, we (Mom, Dad, Mick, Allie, Isaac, and my husband and kids) went to Mom and Dad's house to hang out for a little bit and eat an early dinner. Or technically for them, breakfast on Saturday. :)

LeapFrog-- the universal language of kids
The kids got along famously. Seriously, I have not seen my kids warm up to someone quite so fast! They kept trading various electronic toys and laughing about whatever they were playing. I tried to insert myself into the playtime as often as I could, but I still think he preferred my kids. :) I also tried to say some things in Chinese, which got a wave and a smirk, which I assume meant, "Please stop trying. Your pronunciation is so far off I can't even begin correcting you." I kept trying anyway.

After realizing that the kids needed to burn some energy, we played chase in the field outside the house. He's pretty fast!

They held hands almost all afternoon!
Then we walked over to and checked out Mom and Dad's under-construction home. 

And we made a stop in a park that has a kids' theater in it. After a pizza dinner (He kept asking for apple slices, and I kept slicing more apples. I thought, hey, this kid really loves his apples! Then later when I was cleaning up, I found a giant mound of uneaten apple slices on the coffee table. What the heck was he eating, then??), Mick, Allie, and Isaac went into their home for the first time. I haven't heard from Allie about how it went exploring the house, but I am sure he was delighted and ran from one thing to another.

This was Isaac's first day in America. He was able to meet the rest of his family, run in a field in his neighborhood, play in a park, and explore his new home. Not a bad day at all. Welcome to America, Isaac!

Tomorrow, Isaac gets to play with his new cousins, aunt, uncle, grandma, and grandpa on Mick's side of the family. I am sure he will have a blast!! He's one lucky kid, and I know I'm not the only one who thinks I am even luckier to be in his family.

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