Monday, December 16, 2013


It is Monday afternoon, and we are back in the room now. Isaac is playing with the Leapfrog tablet with Mick. 

This morning we left the hotel about 8:30 for the 40-minute drive to the civil affairs office. When we got off the elevator, we turned the corner, and I saw the back of Isaac. He turned around when he heard us and got really shy. He hung his head and didn't want to come over to us but they pushed him. We spoke to him a few minutes, and I finally pulled him into my lap. That was when I started crying. He is so precious! 

He was shy the whole time we were at the office. Mom showed him some kids’ games on her tablet, and it occupied him while we did paperwork. Then, when it was time to leave, he said goodbye to his friends and went happily with us. I am so thankful he has seemed to understand and be happy to be with us.

This little girl is also from Isaac's orphanage. She is entering the foster system in China.
We stopped at the local market to buy a few snacks and toiletries. He asked for almost everything and we bought a lot of candy because of it! I think it may have been his first time at a store like that! 

Afterward he played with Mick at the indoor playground and got out a lot of his energy. After a quick KFC lunch we drove back to the hotel and now we are playing. He has discovered my camera, and he does a great job taking a photo and showing the person his picture!

Today, we are his guardians. Tomorrow, we will sign more paperwork and become his parents!!

(This is Katie writing the next part. Mom sent me a few other notes I thought I’d share as I know they’ll want to remember these first impressions.)

Isaac adores Allie. She is so good with him. He laughs a lot. He seems to know that life is very good now.  He readily goes with Mick and Allie.  They just bathed him and are reading books.  He squealed over the escalator at the market, the cart, the candy, the drinks, etc.  It was funny.  He had never seen such a thing. He is a heart-warmer.


  1. Allie and Mick - it is such a joy to read about your journey and how God has connected you to Isaac. I had the honor of meeting Isaac in the summer of 2012 as part of a Visiting Orphans team. He is a remarkable child and it brings me great joy to see him in the arms of two loving parents. Know that you all are being lifted up in prayer by an army of Jesus followers that God recruited to pray for children like Isaac and moms and dads like you and Mick. May the love of the Father and the grace of the Son shine brightly on you all this Christmas!