Saturday, December 21, 2013


In some ways the days are flying by, but in most ways it just feels long and we are ready to come home. 

We have delighted in getting to know Isaac better and see him learn about us and from us already. He is so smart! He watches everything and listens to what we say. (Although he practices the universally human trait of selective listening when he wants to!) He loves to be read to, and that is one of my favorite parts of a day. He mimics the sounds and motions I make when talking about pictures in the book. So far, I am really the only one to experience this as he gets very shy about that when others are around. 

Isaac is loud and chatty. We are so dying to know what he is saying as he is proving to be quite dramatic. Everything that happens, from a coloring book sliding on his lap to a
dropped soap bar, is "OH!" 

Our translator told us a couple of things he said while we were out with her. First, Isaac was hitting Mick (in play) quite a bit on Tuesday and she told him "You shouldn't hit your
daddy." He said, "It's none of your business." Cheeky! On Thursday we toured a historical palace. It was cold and snowing, and Isaac announced that he was so cold he would die. Ha!

He is a fun paradox. On one hand he is so physical, forceful and dramatic. On the other hand, he is gentle and meticulous and easygoing. He likes for things to be precise, and he likes to be the one to get them that way. When he gets tired, usually before nap time,
he gets wild. Not fun when you are finishing up lunch at a restaurant! 

Now we are in Guangzhou. It is so nice to be warm again! 

This morning Isaac had the medical check. It was crowded with adoptive families, but Isaac was a trooper. He let them take his height, weight and temperature. He sat through the ENT check and the exam. When it was time for the shot, the interpreter told him that there were three pretty ladies in there so he should show them how brave he was. He walked in, and I listened intently for crying as all the other kids had cried and mamas don't handle it well! But soon the door opened and Isaac walked out, showing us his arm with the band-aid. He was pretty chill, but quite concerned that he keep pressure on it as the nurse had instructed. He held it for a LONG time. 

We have a busy next few days planned, but the countdown is on to come home. Yay!

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