Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Short Update


I don't have a whole lot to update on, and I have no pictures to add :( but I did want to catch you all up on where they are.

Wait! I do have a picture! It's a little creepy because I blurred out the other families' faces just in case there's some privacy issue I don't know about. This photo was taken at the American Consulate, while they were getting entry visas and US citizenship for their new children. What a weighty moment! Everyone was smiling.

At the American Consulate on Tuesday
Wednesday was a quiet day, and they stuck close to the hotel in Guangzhou. 

On Thursday morning they went shopping with another family, and they trouped through Guangzhou on the subways (Dad: "The subways were smooth, fast, and refreshingly cool!").

After a quick lunch, they checked out of their rooms and got in a van around 1:45 to head for Hong Kong. Dad: "The whole 3 1/2 hour ride was through one large, continuous metro area with skyscrapers for mile after mile. We went through immigration and customs at both sides of the Hong Kong border with China.  Mick and David had to walk through the Chinese side because of a limit of 4 passengers in a car."

So they are in Hong Kong for Friday and Saturday, and then they fly home Sunday!

Hopefully they'll send some pictures of their adventures in Hong Kong. I'll share them if they do!

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